The issue of how to withdraw money from PayPal in Kenya has been a thorn in the side for many years. However, things are looking up as more companies offering ways of withdrawing PayPal money in Kenya are coming up each day. The following is an minor overview of some of this companies, a more detailed overview focusing on each individual company and my experiences will them will come upsoon


This is perhaps one of the oldest companies offering PayPal withdrawal in Kenya. Everything seemed to be going on well with Epay-Kenya until a few weeks ago when they suddenly stopped offering PayPal withdrawals. According to an email sent by their customer care support, they had been experiencing problems with their gateway partner 2checkout in terms of the fees they were being charged and had to suspend PayPal withdrawals in Kenya as they look for a better alternative.

In late January they stated that they were in the process of looking for a better gateway partner before re-introducing PayPal withdrawals in Kenya as part of their services. However, they are currently making withdrawals for some select individuals on an ‘invitation only’ basis. Whatever this means i do not know but over the last  few weeks, their customer care has really deteriorated with support tickets taking days to be answered. Lets just hope they recover from whatever they are going through since they were one of the most reliable paypal withdrawal companies in kenya

click here to access the epay-kenya website


Pesagram is another company that offers PayPal withdrawals in Kenya. This company serves both individuals in Kenya and in the diaspora. You first have to sign up for an account with Pesagram before withdrawing any amount from PayPal. The withdrawals are normally made by purchasing m-pesa vouchers with a fixed amount from their site and then making a payment.

However, their site has a minor drawback, the withdrawal vouchers only allow an individual to make  fixed withdrawals. For instance, withdrawing something like 6900 is not possible and the only way would be to withdraw an amount closer to 6900( that would be 6500)  You would have to buy vouchers worth  5000+1000+500, so as to get 6500

All in all withdrawing PayPal money through Pesagram is cheaper when compared to Epay-kenya. This company is also legit and has a fast delivery time, you get your money in less than 20 minutes. The withdrawal procedure is also less cumbersome when compared to Epay-kenya withdrawal


Kenya is another viable alternative when it comes to companies that withdraw from PayPal in Kenya. Kenya rates are somehow cheaper and an individual has the advantage of withdrawing any amount of money: an advantage over Pesagram.

however, Kenyapesa have one major disadvantage, their delivery time is slightly longer when compared to other PayPal withdrawal companies in Kenya.I actually have had some experience with this company, i made a withdrawal at around 2PM afternoon and received the money at 11PM, a 9 hour wait.

The customer support page on their website is also malfunctioning and they are using their Facebook page for customer support.

Kenyapesa is a legit way of withdrawing PayPal money in Kenya. However, they need to improve their customer care and delivery time if they wish to compete with other companies offering similar services


Glo-money is another company offering PayPal withdrawal in Kenya. the customer has a superb professional website and live chat customer care support:the best so far customer care support so far.

Was planning on doing a test withdrawal for my blog but was unable to make any withdrawal as the sign-up form on their website generates some sort of error when you complete the sign-up process. Will contact their customer support tomorrow and see how it goes

however, have not heard of anyone who has made a withdrwal through this site and would advise anyone making a withdrawal through glo-money to try it out with a small amount before making any major withdrawal. I will post a review of their services and legitimacy on this blog after trying out their services tommorow


Crowdsource is another PayPal withdrawal alternative in Kenya. According to their site, they are an outsourcing company and there is no evidence of PayPal withdrawals in their list of services.Will try and find out more about their services and update you

If you have had any experience with this companies or any other company withdrawing PayPal money in Kenya, we would love to hear about your experience

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  1. if you have any experiences with this companies, your comments are welcome

  2. Jack says:

    Tried out glo-money but their rates seem to be very high. Looking for a better option, will try out kenyapesa tommorow

  3. Peter says:

    Has anyone heard of africpesa???. Saw it being advertised on kenyanlist and was wondering if anyone has withdrawn money from it

  4. Dannick says:

    If you got any dollars in PayPal, just drop me an email at or send us the dollars to the same email address and we will send you the same to your Bank Account.
    For first time customers, you must have a bank account for thats the only means we can use to send to first time customers.
    For repeat customers, we can use MPESA
    Call 0703 803 999

    • dannick, how are your transactions being carried out, do you have a website from which you are operating?, what are your rates?………Tell us more

      Av also come across another withdrawal alternative known as, it is legit has quick delivery time and a reliable customer friendly website. you can check them out made a withdrawal from their site on Tuesday. They charge 1% of the total amount being withdrawn in addition to a 5 dollar fixed amount for sending money via mpesa. Their ratehs are perhaps the lowest rates on the market

      another update on PayPal withdrawal in Kenya: Kenyapesa and Pesagram are the latest victims of PayPal, they have been shut down

    • thanks for the information. its always good to have another paypal withdrawal option

  5. mary says:

    i think afripesa is the best

    • as per my experience, il agree with you mary: they have timely delivery of money and the withdrawal process is not as complicated as that of glo-money. however, its been a while since av used their services and dont know if afripesa is still up and running

  6. phildril says:

    Pesagram is somewhat a scam. they havent sent my money after two weeks of making an order. Withdraw via pesagram at your own risk

  7. steve genius says:

    Glo-Money are good with their support but they seem to be having a lot of delays lately. I made a transaction 5 days ago and I am still waiting for the money till now. You should definitely tread carefully when doing transactions with them. Additionally, the maximum amount for instant withdrawal is $70 which I am still waiting for till now and for amounts higher than this you will have to wait a bit longer. (even 7 days).

  8. Jezz says:

    Personally I will just stick to Crowdsource Kenya at list they have a work at home community and offer the best rates and service when it comes to paypal withdrawal

  9. Jezz says:

    by the way Crowdsource kenya has a customer care line thats +254702794119 its very simple to place a withdrawal order all you need to do is to go to their contacts page it has a form you fill in your name, id number phone number and on the message body you just type the amount in $USD you want to withdraw and they will respond to you and process your order real time. I had a very good experience and I highly recommend

  10. john mwangi says:

    whats happening with glomoney?i smell a rat.its been three weeks and i have received money.people please beware

    • As per my experience with glo-money: their rates are the most exhorbitant in the market and av had mysterious deductions in my glo-money account.Av been receiving emails about their new products but as per now, iv got little faith in them in terms of rates and timely delivery

  11. El Bank Money says:

    EL-BANK MONEY!!! Pay pal Withdrawals
    We thank the clients who have been patient with our services for the last 3 months. El-Bank Money is an electronic Banking System that allows those who earn via internet and use paypal as their main mode of receiving money, to exchange the Dollars into Kenyan shillings. We have been in the market for 3 Months now. We are proud of the increasing number of clients.

    We are now working on our rates and happy to announce that the rates have been increased by a dollar, which is now at KES 81/$ and at a percentage of 10%, From the previous KES 80/$.

    We are also happy to inform you that, for us to serve you better, we are working on a platform website that will have details of our services. This will start running by 15th, July, 2013. The url of the website will be We have already purchased the url and our management is working on the website.

    For more information how to transact:
    Call: 0718160575
    Mr. Leonard.

    • Mildred says:

      I have used elbankmoney and their services are good.

      • Thanks mildred. always glad to know about the new players in the market. Could you please tell us more about elbankmoney, their rates, delivery time…….

    • el bank money: thanks a lot for this information. Is the website up and running, what are your rates?, what is your delivery timeframe?’ how do you operate/
      i think most of us will be interested in knowing that. Thanks again

  12. Eugane says:

    Then enters Equity Bank.
    There are many advantages with working with a credible institution. However, Equity Bank takes 5-8 business days for your PayPal transaction to reflect in your account.

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